Dr. Margaret Lumley

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Teaching Philosophy

Over the years, I have had many exemplary mentors and teachers whose methods and styles of teaching have helped to shape my own idea of what makes a good teacher. I am sure my teaching philosophy will continue to evolve with further experiences and encounters with colleagues, yet, I will always feel teachers ought to be:

  1. Motivating.  Good teachers gain the interest of their students, using visual aids, case examples, and interactive methods when appropriate.  An interested student is motivated to learn.  

  2. Knowledgeable.  Teachers should take time to be competent in the area they are teaching.  This means acquiring relevant, up-to-date information for the course.  

  3. Organized.  Good teachers are well prepared and devote time outside of the classroom to organize materials and ensure that the most important topics are covered.  Organization within the lecture also helps students to learn effectively.

  4.  Flexible and Open-Minded.  Good teachers are flexible and have a teaching style that is responsive to the particular needs of the students and the situation.  Good teachers make interesting and passionate commentaries, but are open-minded enough to consider other points of view and learn from their students.

  5. Fair Evaluators.  It is important for teachers to make evaluation expectations transparent and to strive to treat students equitably and respectfully during the evaluative process.

  6.  Respectful of Diversity.  It is important for teachers to do whatever possible to make students from different backgrounds feel that they belong and that they can succeed in the classroom.